C Products Magazine AR-15

C Products Magazine AR-15

C Products has been making a variety of AR-15 magazines in varying calibers for the AR 15 for quite some time.  They seemed to get mixed reviews on many message boards, but I think some of that is unwarranted.  Did some of their mags have an issue here or there?  Probably so.  But given the volume of mags they produce, it is inevitable to have some QC issues.  I never seen them refuse to stand behind their product.  Which in this day and age, at least to me, still means something.

Ar-15/M16 20- & 30-Round Magazines 20-Round Gray Ar-15/M16 Magazine W/Ss Spring

They were offering 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 round mags for the 5.56mm AR-15.  They offered 20 and 32 round Colt style 9mm mags.  They even had 6.8 spc covered.

All this said, they evidently ran into a contractual issue and there is a new owner with a new name.

If you look around, you can still find some C Products Magazines for sale.