D&H Industries AR-15 M4 Magazine

D&H Industries Magazine For AR-15 M4 Rifles

These mags are available in 10, 20 or 30 round capacity, dry film and teflon coated inside and out.  Featuring the MAGPUL anti-tilt follower, and for the budget minded shooter, they are also available with the standard green GI follower.

Ar-15/M16 20- & 30-Round Magazines 20-Round Socom Tan Ar-15/M16 Magazine W/Cs Spring

D&H Industries builds their mags out of aluminum, this saves cost and more importantly it saves weight.  The mags themselves are quite durable and have a long life span.  Being they are based on the standard GI mags, you can completely rebuild them down the road.  You can replace the mag body, the follower, spring and base plate should you ever need to.

For the money, these mags are hard to beat.  You can typically buy these 2 to 1 over the PMAGS.  Personally, I have a mixture of the two.

10 Round D&H Magazines

For bench rest shooters and those who live in states that have magazine capacity limits, D&H is one of a very few magazine manufacturer who offers a 10 round magazine.  The 10 round D&H mag is a nice magazine, they feature the MAGPUL anti-tilt follower and sport either a black or gray teflon finish.

20 Round D&H Industries Magazine

D&H Industries also offers a 20 Round magazine.  They are made from cut down 30 round magazine bodies, so they have a slight curve to them.  The 20 round D&H mags function flawlessly and they can be had with either the green GI follower or the MAGPUL anti-tilt follower.  The 20 round D&H mags are available in a black or gray teflon finish.

30 Round D&H Magazine

The 30 round D&H Industries Magazine has become the standard for other aluminum magazines.  Offered with either the GI follower or the MAGPUL anti-tilt follower these mags have built a name for themselves.  Reading various message boards, you hardly ever hear of anyone having a problem with any mags made by D&H, and that says a lot, considering the volume of magazines they produce.  The 30 round D&H mags are offered in dry lube film, black teflon, gray teflon and more recently dark earth teflon,